An Angel in Disguise, a short story by T.S. Arthur

An Angel in Disguise, a short story by T.S. Arthur

An Angel in Disguise, a short story by T.S. Arthur
An Angel in Disguise, a short story by T.S. Arthur

An Angel in Disguise

a short story by T.S. Arthur

It is an amazing story that stirs every nook of one’s heart and keeps one absorbed in the meandering alleys of sombre contemplation.

The story celebrates love, pure blessed unconditional love. The story evokes several emotions like pity, love, sorrow, empathy, sympathy, sweetness, and gratitude…all wafting through the beautiful texture of the story.


The story opens with the death of an over-drunk, profligate mother. After the mother is buried the next question was who would take care of the children…three children..John, Kate and the disabled bedridden Maggie. All the children were distributed. People took them as their helping hand. But no one was ready to take the unwanted burden of Maggie. The poor house was solicited as her final abode.

But Joe, a wheelwright…took pity on her she was left in her bed by everyone. He took her to his house and pleaded with his wife not to be rude to that I’ll girl. He confirmed that he would send her to the poor house. She must behave lovingly for one night. Now Mrs. had no child and this lack of motherly feeling made her a short-tempered irritated character. But when she visioned the sweetness and gratitude of the little helpless girl and carried her to her arm her stone heart started melting.


An Angel comes in the disguise of an ill disabled child. The story is written in a very lucid, simple way but it is infused with deep moral insinuation and missive of blessedness. The villagers took the strong and healthy children of ….Farmer Jones takes John and Mrs.Ellis takes Kate. They used their calculative mind before their generosity. Those kids could prove useful to their farm and household. But there was no one to take Maggie and she was abandoned as useless trash. Joe Thompson took Maggie in his arm and carried her to his home. His love and feeling were unconditional. There was no self-interest. He was aware of the fact that his hot-tempered grouchy wife won’t take it easy. She would certainly make a fuss. He ignored every possible disaster with his unequivocal love for a hamstrung baby. And for this good job he was rewarded. He brought angel into his house…in his bleak, dark, loveless, petulant house. But with her sweetness of voice, the gratitude of eyes and overpowering love Maggie captivated the irascible heart of Mrs. Thomson.

What light and blessing did that sick and helpless child bring to the home of Joe Thompson, the poor wheelwright! It had been dark, and cold, and miserable there for a long time just because his wife had nothing to love and care for out of herself, and so became sore, irritable, ill-tempered, and self-afflicting in the desolation of her woman’s nature. Now the sweetness of that sick child, looking ever to her in love, patience, and gratitude, was as honey to her soul, and she carried her in her heart as well as in her arms, a precious burden. As for Joe Thompson, there was not a man in all the neighborhood who drank daily of a more precious wine of life than he. An angel had come into his house, disguised as a sick, helpless, and miserable child, and filled all its dreary chambers with the sunshine of love.

Alvina’s Verdict:

The story is imbued with a deep penetrating as well as heart-touching moral message. I love this story from the core of my heart. After finishing it o feel how human nature can get transformed with the magic touch of pure love.

“I read in the Bible sometimes, and find much said about little children. How the Savior rebuked the disciples who would not receive them; how he took them up in his arms and blessed them; and how he said that ‘whosoever gave them even a cup of cold water should not go unrewarded.’ Now, it is a small thing for us to keep this poor motherless little one for a single night; to be kind to her for a single night; to make her life comfortable for a single night.”


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