“Becoming the Dragon: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1)” by Alex Sapegin

"Becoming the Dragon: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1)" by Alex Sapegin

“Becoming the Dragon: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1)” by Alex Sapegin

"Becoming the Dragon: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1)" by Alex Sapegin
“Becoming the Dragon: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1)” by Alex Sapegin

I was deeply moved by the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”, directed by Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders. I have not read the novel by Cressida Cowell of the same title. But one day I will read it. “Becoming the Dragon” by Alex Sapegin is far away from Cressida Cowell. Here there is no Hiccup to train the dragon; here Andy becomes the dragon:

“Now he has two hearts beating in his scale-clad chest and mighty wings on his back. On the faraway planet of two moons, he was born again as a dragon…” page 2.

While visiting a field trip along with his classmates from 6A and his teacher Ms. Nicholas, Andy was electrocuted under a young oak tree. And this changed his life entirely. Andy could not act like other children, playing video games or watching the computer. Whenever he approached any electronic gadget, it froze and became dead. So, Andy had to immerse his life amidst books and his passion for cooking. Yes, Andy cooked delicious dishes for his family and guests.

Andy’s life took a snap turn, when one day Andy’s father, who worked with high voltage magnetic fields and resonance phenomena, needed an important file to reach him due to the sudden visit of his boss. Andy was sent with the file.

“As Andy tied his shoelaces, Bon seemed to go berserk.” Page 18.

The pet dog bit Andy’s pants and deterred him from going. When Andy managed to trick him and slid out, the dog started howling pathetically. What ominous predicament does the dog forbear? What is going to happen to Andy? Will it be possible for Andy to return to his former self, or he will lose himself in his new identity, ‘Teleport Naut’? Will Nirel be able to teach the mongrel (Andy) submissiveness? To get all these answers you must read “Becoming the Dragon: A Fantasy Saga (The Dragon Inside Book 1)” by Alex Sapegin, translated by Elizabeth Kulikov.

I was riveted by the thrilling journey of Andy. The novel is like an action movie, filled with fast-paced suspense. I like the character Timur, and the bookwork. I can relate to him, his world of books. As Andy entered a new life a new earth opened before him, creating a story within a story technique. The author has successfully woven the features of suspense and action together. Myriads of characters are introduced from different worlds. They are perfect with their roles and responsibilities to the plot. Andy’s journey is painful yet brave. Even under the fatal tortures of Nirel, he keeps up his stamina and valour unwavering. The book is professionally edited except for some minor errors.

But I did not like the episode when Vera flirts with Andy and Andy’s sexuality is given sudden exposure. It appears crude to me.

“Andy’s jeans suddenly became several sizes too tight in the crotch. It was too late to extract his eyes from the quagmire of her bosom.” Page 17

Alvina’s Verdict:

From the subject matter and the character portrayal, the book is for teenagers, who can relate with Andy’s character and allow free play of imagination with him. But this scene, where Vera describes Andy’s ‘fly,’ snatches the innocence of the plot. So, adults should be careful before recommending this book to younger ones. I am deducting one point from my rating for this issue. I am giving the book 4 out of 5 only for this reason. An author must keep in mind the target readers’ age before mentioning such incidents.

Otherwise, I love this book.






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