Despite Stolen Dream, Anita Krishnan

Despite Stolen Dreams

Despite Stolen Dream, Anita Krishnan


Book: Despite Stolen Dream

Author: Anita Krishnan

Publication: Fingerprint Publication

Pages: 304

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” No one seemed to notice the solitary man with his face half-hidden behind the raised collar of his jacket braving the piercing wind and walking through the Avenue of trees as if he had no care in the world.”

From the ending, I like to begin the story as I feel a crazy inhibition to halt in the last lines again and again.

It is like an age-old theme of good winning the battle over the bad. All the ominous clouds that gathered suddenly gave way to bright sunshine.

Despite Stolen Dreams
Despite Stolen Dream, Anita Krishnan, Book Review


The Plot:

The story is set in the backdrop of Kashmir, ravaged by the fanatism of terrorists.

The tragedy of the plot is triggered by Shakeel’s fancy desire to marry Wali’s daughter and ended with his maturity and understanding of the reality of life that could not be solved by terrorism.

One day he joined the militants to grip the power and but the naked reality of the brutal fatalism and fake idealism became clear very soon. And when the veil of velocity lifted he became desperate to cut out the rope of that virulent trap.

Finally, he found the love in his life and the significance of existence. In his own hand, he ravaged the poison tree that he watered one day. He fired at Hasim, the head of the terrorists and Ahamed, a fellow companion and finally Shaukatm. When Shaukat screamed at him, “Have you gone mad, Shakeel?” he answered, “No, I have just emerged out of the madness.”

The Message:

This realization on the part of Shakeel toned the underlying message of the novel-

“…they call it jihad! How many innocents have they butchered in the name of this so-called jihad?”

At the very beginning chapter, Anita Krishnan clearly decodes the ‘devilish ploy’ of the militants who exploits the orphan boys with no familial attachment in their ‘ puppet show of terrorism, in the name of Allah’.

The author with impeachable integrity shows us how the seeds of terrorism are sown in the weak, needy, helpless brain luring them with power and money. The terrorists are portrayed primarily as the victim of devious brains who only care for money and power and later they transform into heartless, brainless virulent jokers like Hashim.

Characters of assorted colours in the tight grip of plot:

The novel with its compact plot, storyline, character sketch and above all sustainable development of tension, anxiety through the successive incidents keep the readers fixed in their honest attention till the end. Anita Krishnan’s competency in handling the situation and portraying it with vivid pictorial efficacy makes the reader feel the terseness, tension, tenacity of the shreds of terror-stricken and helpless humanity, represented by the family of Wali. It is a story of terrorism, unrestrained, blind hatred, love faith, friendship and hope.

Myriads of characters from different spectrums of society appear with their distinct roles in this novel. Mr. Kapoor, Kashmira Singh, Mr. Sharma all along help to form an abridged social image in this novel.  With the dramatic turn back of Shakeel and the death of terrorists, the curtain falls in the denouement. But the lingering effect of horror and relief simultaneously keep adding to our catharsis for a long time.

Alvina’s Verdict:

In this world that is often shattering into splinters of deaths and despair, uprooting sanity and peace, the novel candles the hope of emancipation. Only the right navigation of human minds towards good, awakening the conscience to righteousness, guiding our thoughts incorrect path can dismantle the dark cloak of brutality. And I will encourage everyone to read this book not for entertainment but as a pamphlet of peace.



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