Don't Quit by Kyle S. Reynolds
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Don’t Quit by Kyle S. Reynolds

Don’t Quit by Kyle S. Reynolds

Don’t Quit by Kyle S. Reynolds spotlights the incredible life journey of Jason Merkle, a friend of the author. It is a memoir as well as a guidebook in favour of alternative cancer treatment, rejecting the mainstream conventional prescription of chemotherapy, radiation surgery, and high antibiotics.

When 13-year-old Jason was found shivering while water skiing, his family members took him for a CT scan. Jason was diagnosed with “an extreme case of hydrocephalus – a condition in which there is an excess buildup of cerebrospinal fluid in the ventricles of the brain.” Page 19

A benign tumour caused the blockage of the cerebral aqueduct in the brain stem. And it needed to be operated. With a big scar on the back of his head, Jason returned home, to come back again at the age of 20, when the MRI report exposed the malignancy of that previous innocent tumour. The doctor promised chemotherapy but could not promise life. So, what to do now? How far a super supportive family can traverse to get back their beloved son to normal life?

Alvina’s Verdict:

Jason’s story is not only an emotional and heart-wrenching testimony on the part of Jason and his friends and family.

Don't Quit by Kyle S. Reynolds
Don’t Quit by Kyle S. Reynolds

Support of Jason’s family is praiseworthy.  The book is a powerbomb of positivity and willpower. One after another Jason’s life was threatened by new challenges. But he did not yield to them. He always kept faith in God. ” Trust God. Listen and obey him, and he will direct your paths. Be willing to step outside of your comfort zone. The journey is always worth it. ” Page 28.

Though the book follows Bible and Christian beliefs, it is a guide for every suffering soul. Jason’s odyssey teaches one to believe in God’s blessings. There is nothing I dislike about the book. The book is well-edited.I rate this book 5 out of 5 with a blissful heart. I feel invigorated by the alternative herbal medical treatment and the resilience of the human heart to fight the most adverse situations. Jason inspires us to embrace a positive spirit even at the darkest hour of life. Faith and willpower can do miracles. The book is like a ray of sunshine for the patients and their families. The writing style is simple yet engaging. The 168-page slim volume is packed with exuberant enthusiasm for life.

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