From Burnout to Belonging by Kimberley Carozzi, Book Review

From Burnout to Belonging by Kimberley Carozzi, Book Review

From Burnout to Belonging by Kimberley Carozzi, Book Review

From Burnout to Belonging by Kimberley Carozzi, Book Review
From Burnout to Belonging by Kimberley Carozzi, Book Review

From Burnout to Belonging by Kimberley Carozzi introduces a new work environment where we can flourish our skills without being burned out. Now, what do we mean by burnout? Burnout is a psychological state, caused by extreme physical and mental exhaustion and frustration. It is based on relentless anxiety and pressure that can be emotional, physical as well as mental. We use this term mainly for the workplace. With the evolution of technology, our work culture has varied hugely. There remains little scope for choosing a job according to our preferences and personality. So, coping with our job becomes a great factor. Just like we need a sense of belonging in our family, we also feel that very urge in our workplace. As we have progressed a lot from the traditional work culture, the new work culture demands multiple personalities to work together.


Our job is not only our economic support. It is also greatly involved with our psychological well-being. We should research the job suitable for us. Job is not a specific time-bound enforcement that we do for our livelihood. It is interlinked with our belief system, ideology and ethnicity. Losing control over the job pressure and getting scummed under its tentacles, leads to burnout. Most of the time the job we get may not be our dream job and our work environment may not be like that we watch on TV shows. Prolonged frustration and disappointment lead to “burnout.”


Kimberley Carozzi in her book From Burnout to Belonging introduces “5 microcultures that lead to a low-stress workplace. ” And through a perfect roadmap, she guides us towards a more satisfying job culture than our dragging existence in the work field.


Following certain methodologies, we can reverse our burnout situation into a creative motion. Taking control of our professional life is as important as taking control of our one.


The author has invented several characters like Nina, Dennis, and Sarah to define and shape the concept of microculture, where work culture and individual interests match symmetrically. Again, being an individual with a distinct mental set-up, work habit differs from person to person. Some of us feel comfortable in group work, whereas others prefer to work alone. I appreciate the author’s ingenuity in creating a realistic picture of real-life struggles, where we constantly face challenges in our professional fields.


” Happiness and fulfilment in your career are active choices. You have to decide what you truly want from your career and go for it. That choice begins with understanding which microculture best suits you.” Page 153


So, your professional life does not mean that you have to proceed on the job that you hate most. You can leave it. You can modify yourself. But first of all, you have to “look within, not without, for what creates meaning in your career.” Page 139.


The book encourages us to alleviate our dissatisfaction and stress, related to our professional lives. If you want to take control of your professional life and live a healthy life then you must go through this book to know how to do this. If you are getting jolted by constant stress and anxiety then of course this book can alleviate your suffering. If you don’t know how to balance your personal and professional lives together then this book can show you the route. If you are desperate to seek a healthy work environment, this book is for you.

Alvina’s verdict:

I give this book 5 out of 5 as it is a guidebook for every individual, working hard and trying to cope with his or her professional life. The book is well arranged with headings, subheadings, punctuations, and beautiful images. Even the subtitles, that the author puts before us as points to discuss, appear insightful and inspiring. The author has provided numerous helpful tips and guidelines in this book. I have not a single grievance against editing. The author’s bold and supportive words boost my work spirit, and I hope that for others.





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