Love Stories By Ekrat

Love Stories By Ekrat

Love Stories By Ekrat

Book: The Book of LOVE Stories by EKARAT

Publication:  Speaking Tiger Publishing

Pages: 176

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“Ekarat is an alter-ego, a self-created role model, with a million stories to tell. He has walked this Earth for forty bittersweet summers. He has been a travel magazine editor, film marketing executive, communications lecturer and salesman.”

In the backdrop of ash color four red letters like a brushstroke in scarlet in between two thorn twigs just can be a perfect intonation of love stories….as true love bears the pang, the agony, the languishment of separation, bereavement, loss, frustration in this unrequited world of lovemaking.

A collection of 11 short stories the book is a gem of love stories reflecting all the colors of human emotion. It is like a kaleidoscope of myriads colors of human emotion.

Every story unfolds singular message:

Love stories by Ekrat
Love Stories By Ekrat, Short Story Collection

They are imbued in symbolic connotation that lingers even after the story ends. There works a twinge in every story. Maria is unique in its unfathomable profoundness. When the narrator told the astonished call girl, (fantasized as Maria), he didn’t want to see her naked he just wanted to make sure Maria had got home safe not only she but I remained agape. Music from the Past celebrates the realization of love- Mr Kapur in his vain search for Mohini finally feels, “I could have loved her back, and that is the only repayment of love. To give as you get.” Love Has Come to Town is a very excellent story of childhood love… sweet and sour.

Perizaad’s Lover is a bleak gloomy yet passionate peril. It reminds me of Browning’s Porphyria Lovers, though the purpose differed totally.

Perizaad’s love for the narrator proves self-sabotaging and she cannot keep balance with her desire for him and her family duty. And the devastating pain that she bears within her leads her to despair and finally the narrator-lover kills her by strangulating her with the long brown hair. It was her last wish…” “Please…do it”.

Wild Horses is a very short story about a cancer patient Radha and her husband who wanted to relish life for the last time as she wished to go dancing from her death bed. The new kid from Town is a totally different type of story as well the others.

Technical Tactics:

The punchy narration elucidates every thread of love language from cinnamon smell to black pepper pungency. The bounteous competency with which every story is woven is noteworthy. The primary principle of short stories, the lingering feeling of never-ending munificence enforces every story to supreme height. The language, word coinage character portrayal are all so vivid and impregnated with a vibrancy that demands the ovation of every heart that go through these rare artistic creations.

Every character with their flourishing passion and impeachable probity keeps no stone left to evoke the same feelings that they themselves bear in their heart.

Alvina’s verdict

I savour every story as the tastes different from dessert to me. The author yields bounteous thoughts, provoking me to contemplate and reread them. It kindles like a precious piece on my bookshelf. I wish to know more about the author and want to read more of him. He has so fascinating effect on me that I never feel for any contemporary love story writer.




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