Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress By Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold
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Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress By Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold Book Review

Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress By Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold
Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress By Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold

Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress


Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold

“Anxiety is a normal human emotion, but one that is highly subjective. While normal anxiety has a beneficial and adaptive purpose, anxiety can also become the cause of terrible suffering for millions of people.”

Who is not anxious in his or her life? Anxiety and stress are major factors in controlling our lives. Most of the health hazards directly or indirectly originate from the stress factors that we have to deal with every day, every moment. Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold have discussed these anxiety-related issues in their book, Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress.

Let’s get introduced to the authors:

Alexandra Gold, who graduated with honours in psychology from Georgetown University and received her master’s in psychology from Boston University, is a doctoral candidate in clinical psychology at Boston University who is associated with the publication of numerous scientific works on psychological disorders.

Gustavo Kinrys, the Associate Medical Director of the MGH Clinical Trials Network and Institute, is a graduate of the Mayo Clinic and the Massachusetts General Hospital. He has published articles, reviews and books on depression, insomnia, and minority issues.

Stress and Anxiety, How They Affect Our Lives:

To get rid of stress and anxiety, one has to know what anxiety is and where the root of anxiety lies. This book step-by-step guides you to find the origins of anxiety, how it affects us, and what we should do to manage it. Based on medical research and experimentation these guidelines can be a perfect direction to deal with this serious problem of our everyday life.

Stress is caused by the conflict between our inner selves and the outer world where we live. Stress is inevitable as it is an integral part of our daily journey. We cannot eradicate it but we have to learn to manage it so our anxiety cannot take a toll on our well-being in the long run. Anxiety, associated with the feeling of fear, worry and insecurity, not only involves our mind but also affects our body. These symptoms can be easily discernible through chest pain, shoulder or neck pain, pounding in a heartbeat, disturbed vision, dry mouth, shaking, shortness of breath sleep disorder and various such health issues.

Medicine can be used in extreme cases but medicine cannot be the solution even if it is non-addictive medicine. Changing or modifying our thought patterns can be a way out.

Seven Tips to Manage Stress:

The author provides seven tips to deal with stress and when you go through them thoroughly you will find how effective they are in handling your stress level.

  1. Write down your thoughts that are bothering you
  2. Identify the upsetting event
  3. Identify the negative emotions
  4. Identify the negative thoughts that accompany your negative emotions
  5. Replace your distortions with substitute rational responses
  6. Reconsider your upset
  7. Plan corrective Action

And to know how you can fruitfully use these steps to acquire the stress management faculty you have to go through this book.

Ways to De-stress:

Exercise and diet play a remarkable role in shaping the stress and anxiety patterns in our lives. Some foods with their particular components heal our negative turn of emotions and aid in boosting mental metabolism. Regular exercise steers the state of consciousness towards a more constructive course. Aromatherapy, music, and transcranial magnetic stimulatives add cognitive development to our mental pattern and through these innovative circuits, we can negotiate our brain in fending the daily doses of anxiety.

Final Verdict:

Natural Relief for Anxiety and Stress by Gustavo Kinrys and Alexandra Gold is not merely a guidebook based on the general pattern of stress and anxiety relief but it is more comprehensive and intrinsic in treating the problems with scientific research and speculations based on medical investigations. This book is not going to eradicate stress from your life; it is not possible; but after reading the book I am sure you can manage your stress level and find a better version of yourself.









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