on your way home...Do This by George Six
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on your way home…Do This by George Six

on your way home...Do This by George Six
on your way home…Do This by George Six

On your way home…Do This by George Six

“On your way home…Do This” by George Six is a nonfiction work depicting the journey of the author through several phases of his life, from childhood to his professional and religious life as a priest. This slim volume comprising only seven chapters, snips the major happenings of the author’s life.

The book opens in a beautiful storytelling manner, near a cozy fireplace in Kansas, December 1941. The author’s early life with his family and relatives is described in a simple yet vivid language. He compared his early life with the life of ‘Eden’. He also grieved the loss of that life. When the book opens the author is only seven years two weeks old. Throughout the novel, his journey is a priest’s journey, with ups and downs. The anecdotes of his life as a priest with his travelling in different parishes, his duties and responsibilities are noteworthy.

George Six includes himself in this humble life story, but his manner of narrating does not incline towards an autobiographical tone. He is the protagonist of his life story but he has given priority to all those, who revolve around him. He acknowledges the contribution of his friends and followers and his beloved wife Irene wholeheartedly.

His work spanned different parishes like Trinity Parish and during those times, multicoloured experiences (arranging mass, prayers, women’s health issues, and self-destructive mother) kept him engaged.  

There is no flamboyancy in the language. It is as simple as the serene flow of a river.  The book, though based on Christian religious practices holds significance for every human being, irrespective of religious differences. Personal growth is the key motif of this book.

Alvina’s Verdict:

I rate the book 5 out of 5. There is nothing I dislike about the book. Poignant humour seamlessly transitions between personal experience and professional journey. No profanity or typos is blemishing the fluent literary flow. It is a pleasure to read an emotionally resonant life journey of a person who is “a priest in his soul and a prophet in his temperament.”







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