You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Book Review
Book Review

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Book Review

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Book Review
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Book Review

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay Book Review

Book: You Can Heal Your Life

Author: Louise Hay

Publisher: Hay House

Pages: 272

Price: Amazon Price

I use to watch videos of Louise Hay related to self-love and self-care and in this way, I realise she is talking about healing … the healing of human beings… human souls. So I decided to pick her books and go on more in this way.

In the forward of the book, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay written by Dave Braun, he wrote affirmatively,

” If I were cast away on a desert island and could have only one book with me there, I might well choose Louise L. Hat’s You Can Heal Your Life.”

Ok, he is not exaggerating. What he is insinuating is the great solace and affirmation the book can provide you.

The Bullet Points of the Book:

I want to summarise the book through these points that I take note of as my guiding and learning points.

We all are responsible for what we are suffering. The toxicity that we infused into our life comes out in the form of diseases. We forget our body and the roles of different organs inside it. We forget that we are the children of nature and behave opposite to natural rules. We forget that we can heal ourselves by motivating and navigating our thoughts and actions to a greater natural synthesis.

The process of affirmation and loving oneself is of greater value and it can raise one’s mental metabolism to sustainable growth.

“Loving yourself makes you feel good.”

And even then it is a tough job for most of us. Why?

Very often we forget to acknowledge who we are and what we can do with our life. We blame others for our problems. We blame our fate. But whatever we are, we are the byproducts of our thought process. Self-acceptance and self-valuation are two important power plants in our life. Self-criticising on the other hand demotivate us and makes thing negative. And when you learn to admire yourself you can be more productive, more confident and more beautiful.

And change is a part of life. You have to change and accept the change. Louisa gives importance to Holistic Philosophy that incorporates the enrichment of the whole…our mind body and spirit.

Choosing the right food that helps to boost your immune and strengthen your gut is the first step towards healing your body and keeping it fit.

Meditation helps to keep your mind calm. Mediation is also a process of conversion with one’s own self. Through meditation, we can search for the root of our worries and try to solve them. Prayer, meditation, and following any religious view help to raise your spirituality.

” Each moment of my life is new and fresh and vital.

Learning new skills adds a new dimension to your self-evaluation. It impregnates you with new energy, vibe, positivity and self-worth. We may fail but there is no inhibition in trying again.

Whoever supports you or not you must support yourself… always. You can request you to change, and do better but never criticise yourself. Reinforce your learning through a conglomeration of constructive workouts: writing affirmations, meditation, exercise, good nutrition, visualisation etc.

Follow a habit …a daily routine that is boosted with Panglossian workouts. How you will spend a day determines how you spend your life.

She refers to Norman Cousin’s books who cured himself of a fatal disease with laughter.

 Don’t be restless, irritated, or exhausted. Be calm, quiet and serene. Choose a life of serendipity. Convert your drudgery into a happy game. Set your mind in that way…then it will no longer be stressful.

Do whatever keeps you happy and healthy.

“Relationships are mirrors of ourselves.” So choose it correctly. What we believe we seek in others. If you choose an indifferent and cold-hearted man then ask yourself if you are such. Don’t blame yourself. Change is your way towards progress. Don’t be afraid to change your situation, or your life if it can provide you with a greater scope, and a better environment. And never try to look for your partner who will love you. If someone loves you it will come naturally.

“Love is never outside ourselves; love is within us.”

Junky thoughts are like junky foods. So cleanse it and keep your mind and body detoxified. Mental and physical cleaning can heal every disease.

Forgiveness is a rare quality but the most precious one. Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness…but it helps one to move on leaving the dark days behind. When we start to forgive we start to heal our scars.

The last Chapter:

The book is divided into 4 parts and 16 chapters.

In each part and different chapters one by one she diagnoses and discusses our problems…their roots and how to heal them.

 In the last chapter, Louise talks about her childhood days. It will keep you awestruck…how horrible it can be. Divorce…brutal stepfather…rape…moral and sexual torture…

And then after so many hurdles one day she turns back to prove her worth.

Alvina’s Verdict:

I feel one must read Chapter- 16, “My Story” before reading this book. Then the reader can believe one person who spent her most vital years living in pain and trauma can talk about self-love, affirmation, positivity, and motivation. This book is something that I started reading during my tremendous trauma of ulcerative colitis and honestly chapter 14, “The Body” where she talks about diseases and healing and an affirmative mindset. I try to listen to the signals that my body is sending me and try to cure my pain with determination and positive visualization.

Like her, I wish to “take responsibility for my own healing.”

” Disease can be healed, if we are willing to change the way we think and believe and act.”

Louise Hay teaches me to believe in myself.

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