Books…why should we read them? Tips and Tricks

Books...why should we read them?

Books…why should we read them? Tips and Tricks

Books…why should we read them?

Yes, there are a lot of highly evocative reasons any wise person will suggest behind reading a book- career-building, cognitive development, vocabulary improvement, boosting mental metabolism, rising concentration level etc.

For me books can do something more than these, some miracles, that nothing can do…even an Apple iPhone.

A Rollercoaster of Happiness:

Books permeate within us the emotions that tinkle our brain muscles and extract happy hormones that alleviate the pain of the mind.

Reading dispenses the pure joy and blessing in our wretched hearts.

Detoxify our body and mind:

In this world of stress and toxicity, the aroma of books provides a detoxifying effect. In our modern-day life, from morning to night we are haunted by stress, anxiety, and tension. Reading books makes us forget the bitterness of real-life and takes us into the world of relief and peace, even if for some time. Reading helps to enhance our focus and look after our mental well- beings.

Health benefits:

Books help us to fight depression, negativity. Reading books is a good habit that keeps our brain muscles always in working mode. The apprehensions of age-related cognitive failures are in a greater way retarded by consistent reading habits. Diseases like Alzheimer Dementia, Dysthymia cannot unfold the vicious clutches very easily if we keep our brain muscle dynamic and mobile.

Reading books keep updating and rejuvenating our brainpower and do not allow it to get static. It can sustain its power more effectively in the long run without being defeated by age-related diseases. Books provide us with healthy thoughts and clear concepts. They uphold our mental metabolism to a greater degree.

A storehouse of Knowledge:

I am not talking about the knowledge Encyclopedia or any other General Knowledge book to enhance the comprehension level. Any book can add up to the wisdom level of a reader, be it a motivational book or storybook, fiction, non-fiction, essay.

Any type of book keeps a mark on our perception from assorted points of view. Bits of information accumulate within us like splinters of atomic energy and kindle the illumination of thousand suns.

Purgation of emotions:

A good story hums like 70’s music in our heart, while a tragic ending moistens our eyes. A joke’s book makes us fall flat on our back hugging the book in our chest-bursting in laughter.

Purgation of emotions

All the books we read keep a trail of emotions in our hearts as we go farther in our life in any direction. The passions otherwise suppressed or subdued or in hibernation, pop out like a bottle of coke and sometimes slither through the ridges of ecstasy at a snail’s space.

Growth Factor:

The habit of book reading and constant clash with the ideas and experiences of others allows us to grow. The neutrons of our minds mushroom in thousand conceptions and contemplation.

Encounter with the history and belief of the world around us connect us with the universe. The diverse concepts that we come across in books permit us to encounter the world of experiences. Books break us, books make us, and books motivate us as well as navigate us.

Blacksmith’s hammer:

The knowledge, information, wisdom, whatever we achieve from the experiences unlocked in the pages of books equips us with the strength and fecundity to fight the world. They empower our vision. Our consciousness, cognition, comprehension are the best weapons in the long battle of life. We can face the realities of being more toughened, experienced, and armoured.

Best friend:

In our anger, frustration, in our dreary days and bleak nights, one will be always with us to give us courage and strength.

That is the book, kept inside our tote bag or satchel. On a lonely chair beside the sad window pane, on a deserted park bench, in a crowdy train, in a busy platform, even in our long term constipated toilet-time, the book will give us the company, we deserve. When we read a book we feel we are not alone. All the characters gather around us.

Language development and vocabulary improvement:

I come to this point last though it should be given priority. I wish to emphasize the internal reflections.

As human beings, we are gifted with the boon of speech that other animals lack. And with the evolution of mankind human language also develop side by side. Reading books is the additional set up in improving language habits and spreading the more enlightened version to all.


It is proven that good reading skill accelerates writing habits. Reading books helps us to acquire the skill and potency of different styles and mechanisms of expression.

As we approach various ideas, we started reflecting on them in our way. Again increase in vocabulary and improvement of conception expose our inclination to writing.

Sound Sleep:

Yes, read books and embrace a tight sleep. Is it sounding weird? Not at all.  Reading books not only distress our thoughts but also helps to plunge ourselves into deep somnolence with soothing thoughts. So, keep the smart world aside and grab a book in your bed till your eyes feel heavy welcoming the best dreams, not nightmares.



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