A Voice from Heaven

A Voice from Heaven by Alexander V Girman and Cynthia J Girman, Book Review

A Voice from Heaven by Alexander V Girman and Cynthia J Girman

A Voice from Heaven by Alexander V Girman and Cynthia J Girman is a nonfiction, which telescopes, the connection between a grieving mother with her dead son.

A bridge is connected between two realms, one of Cindy’s and the other of Alec’s. A grieving mother is trying to transcend her grief to communicate with her dead son beyond the barrier of the physical entity. And a son is trying to find his new home hopeful and promising with new significance of relationships.

A lot of questions peep into our minds regarding the afterlife. It is a mystery, and we take hold of all probable hypotheses to solve the inexplicable theories of life.

The book is more physical than spiritual. It is a shared experience between two people belonging to two different worlds, joined by their intense urge to discover and inform one another.

Alvina’s Verdict:

There is nothing that I want to say against this book. Editing is laudable. There is no profanity. I love

A Voice from Heaven
A Voice from Heaven

 the narrative style and the conversational mode. Cindy’s approach to her loss is spiritual and motivational to all of us who are coping with the loss of our dear ones. How Cindy has navigated her pain, and her frustration to a sublime glory is admirable. Heaven, the afterlife, and angels, with our conceptions and misconceptions, are not the major concerns here. The author’s focus is the light, the light that we should feel within us and foresee beyond us. Only this glory can heal the wound, and bring together our shattered pieces of existence. Biblical references may not match with conventional ways of description, but I have mentioned that the author’s intention is not to propagate the Bible and Heaven but to bolster the link of our physical existence with our spiritual one. I rate the book 4 out of 5. It is a delightful book, but it can be better in its approach.

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