r.h.sin ,a beautiful composition of broken and other anthologies


Reuben Holmes( 1989), is a poet of unique authenticity in creating an excellent poetic web with the most simple words. He is born in New Jersey.






a beautiful composition of broken

late December love.
we’re conditioned to love
what we know
and if all we know
is pain
this is what we tend
to choose



fuck the word count

pay more attention

to the message

anything is poetry


rest in the mourning

mouth of lies

don’t trust words

the only truth worth entertaining

lives within the action of man

even the devil

appears kind behind.


she felt like feeling nothing

scene twenty-nine.
she could finally
look to herself
once she realized
that she had everything
she needed



she just wants to forget

guard your candle
not everyone you meet
deserves your light


whiskey words and a shovel

we observe the lives of others

instead of living out our own

dreaming instead of doing

liking what we see

while hating what we do.


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