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Book Review: “Chocolate Wishes” by Trisha Ashley

“Chocolate Wishes” by Trisha Ashley

Let me introduce you to this renowned British author, Trisha Ashley who has penned down a long list of novels and short stories.

“Chocolate Wishes” by Trisha Ashley is a novel set in the charming Lancashire village of Sticklepond, where the protagonist, Chloe, is a confectioner known for her delicious sweet treats with a magical twist. Each treat contains a special prediction, and Chloe’s chocolates seem to taste even better since she started reciting a charm over the chocolate bath, a technique passed down by her Grandad Grumps. Despite her successful business, Chloe’s life is not all sweetness and light—she was jilted at the altar by her first love, Raffy Sinclair, who left her heartbroken.

“She hadn’t needed the tear-stained confession on the next page to know how easily and quickly he had replaced her, or how little she meant to him. Out of sight, out of mind.”

The story is centred around Chloe’s life and the unexpected arrival of her ex-fiancé, Raffy, as the new vicar in the village. This twist leads to further complications as Chloe navigates the memories and emotions associated with her past love. Additionally, her best friends Poppy and Felix, who have grown up around the same eccentric family as Chloe, provide a supportive presence throughout the novel.

The book offers a mix of genres, blending romance with elements of magic, such as tarot reading and witchcraft. These aspects bring a quirky twist to the story but may not appeal to all readers. While some may find the mystical elements enjoyable, others may feel they overshadow the central plot, which focuses on Chloe’s journey to happiness and love.

Readers who enjoy charming village settings and relatable characters may appreciate the story. However, those who prefer a more straightforward romantic narrative may find the inclusion of witchcraft and warlock themes distracting. The book’s cover and synopsis suggest a lighter, chocolate-focused story, which might lead readers to expect a different novel type.


"Chocolate Wishes" by Trisha Ashley


Alvina’s Verdict:

Overall, “Chocolate Wishes” infuses contradictory feelings within me. The plot is interesting but incoherent. Most of the time I lose track of the story and my patience. I think sometimes the plot is dragged too much.

But if you are a chocolate lover and after reading this book (though there is very little chocolate) you feel mouth-watering you can easily try the delectable recipes shared by the author at the end of the book.


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