Healing Your Attachment Wounds by Boadi Moore

Healing Your Attachment Wounds by Boadi Moore, Book Review

Healing Your Attachment Wounds by Boadi Moore

It is said the first move of chess is the biggest move for the winner. Daniel Koepke’s lines at the inauguration of

Healing Your Attachment Wounds by Boadi Moore
Healing Your Attachment Wounds by Boadi Moore

the book are enough to pin my heart in the pages of this book.

“Maybe healing means trusting that no matter how many times we have to recreate ourselves and direct our path, we will end up where we’re meant to be.” Page-167

In her book “Healing Your Attachment Wounds”, Boadi Moore has dug a supersensitive yet highly relatable concern on the human psyche. Her work exposes her raw and unflinching attitude in dealing with such potential issues regulating childhood trauma, dysfunctional relationships, and other suppressed vulnerabilities.

Attachment “is a strong shared bond between two people.” It is something integral to our existence. Individual attachment pattern differentiates our reactions and attitudes as well as our communications with others. Attachment can be both positive and negative depending on the internal struggles that we embark on our way to growing up. These variables add to the functional ambience of individual attachment pro forma.

She also discusses various dysfunctional patterns of attachment – like manipulation, emotional extortion, hidden trauma, gaslighting, etc. Over time, these dysfunctional patterns give way to negative outbreaks like PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) and CPTSD (complex post-traumatic stress disorder). Through systematic anecdotes, the author navigates the anxiety-related issues associated with ancient traumas, that we generally suppress from others and also from ourselves.

In an empathetic voice, the author has elucidated the different perspectives of attachment patterns latent within our responsive system. She is an urgent explorer, researcher, as well as participator. She synchronizes her attachment journey with the universal pattern to bring a cohesive conclusion to the healing process. This adds probity and authenticity to her evocative masterpiece.

Alvina’s Verdict:

With a thankful heart, I express my gratitude to the author for her compassionate testament to self-healing. I rate this book 5 out of 5. I find no negative issue with this book. Editing is highly professional. There are no vulgar words or typos. The author has navigated her readers on a wonderful journey, invigorating them to identify and refurbish their attachment patterns for better behavioural growth. It is an insightful book that I recommend to everyone irrespective of age, religion, or gender as an inseparable companion. This book is a repository of healing mantras that embolden us to face the hidden wounds we are bearing within us and help us to acknowledge them. It is a testament to compassion, empowerment, and inspiration. The warm and wise voice of the author lingered in my heart even when I finished the book.


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