Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless by Mitzi Perdue
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Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless by Mitzi Perdue

Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless by Mitzi Perdue
Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless by Mitzi Perdue

Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless by Mitzi Perdue

“The size of your question determines the size of your result.” Mark Victor Hansen. page 22

Mark Victor Hansen, Relentless by Mitzi Perdue is an honest documentary on Victor Hansen’s life and work. I’m madly in love with the series of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”. They are so amazing and heart-touching! Every series deals with a particular theme. And when I came to know that Mitzi Perdue adverted the real-life story of Mark Victor Hansen, who is closely associated as a co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Soul”, I could not wait to read the book, circulating his life.

“…a man who’s gone through a bankruptcy, a failed marriage, a fraught relationship with the original publisher of “Chicken Soup for the Soul’,” (page 10) can turn around in life with consistency and perseverance of will.

Failure cannot be his identity. He is much more than that. Though success was not easy in his life, he had to struggle hard to attain that. His failures are as competent as his success.

The author takes us through Mark’s life step by step, from his childhood within the “ultra-safe neighbourhood” to the occasional spanking by his parents. This book is a biographical work that attributes Perdue’s tribute to Mark Hansen. She paints the life and works of this prolific man with every hue and thread of probity. It is a collection of images and pictures of Hansen’s colourful life. I am greatly inspired by the journey of this man. Perseverance, dogged determination, and honesty can lead a man to his goal. Mark is represented not as an exceptional character with inhuman glories but with flaws and strength equally working within him.

Alvina’s verdict:

I want to mention nothing related to this book as an abrogating. The book is professionally edited. It is a great source of inspiration for me. The narrative is authentic and supportive of the characters it creates. The language is precise and to the point. I rate this book 5 out of 5. Every kind of reader should pick up this book. I’m ensuring that no one is going to be dejected. It is such an interesting read. Mark’s life is a model to follow for all. The pictures, inserted along with the narrative, add veracity to this real-life story. Minute details of his life are tagged to create the perfect tapestry of a complete journey. I am dumbfounded by his many lives: – from a brass guitarist to a rock band, a racing biker full of adventure, and an excellent writer with a high IQ. “It’s like the Holy Spirit puts ideas into his head ” page 70. Reference to Mother Teresa, and her work, makes me feel more attached to this book.


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