Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas, Book Review
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Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas, Book Review

Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas


Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas is a 360-page science thriller that peeps into the world, 20 years ahead, with all the unpredictable environmental crises.

The story opens with Jess Prentiss, a chemical engineering student, who went for her morning jogging, suggested by her virtual therapist Dr. Mornique, through the streets into Berkeley’s hills. She received persistent high-alert messages from David Steubingly, her former boyfriend and boss, warning her about an upcoming danger. Jess tried to ignore David’s messages. But when she approached David’s house she found him on the ground, attacked by some men wearing blue windbreakers with the words “De Sel” inscribed on them. ‘De Sel’ is a company engaged in ocean water desalination for California’s crops. In the meantime, Matteo, who was engaged to keep track of Jess, was duped into a deep sleep when Jess was running for life. Can he save her? What is going to be the chemistry between them? How is Jess going to deal with her life? What is the secret of David’s research on solar energy? Can Jess be able to save the world from upcoming dangers? What is the secret of Room 205?

Alvina’s Verdict:

This novel is set against a

Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas, Book Review
Salt of the Earth by Kate Moschandreas, Book Review

, inflicted by water scarcity, capitalist interest, power, and money. I have no grievance against the plot except one. I think the burgeoning love story between Matteo and Jess should have more solidarity and depth. I rate the book 5 out of 5. There are no typos as the editing is highly professional. The book contains the description of sexual intimacy between Jess and David (page 40). Character development is an extra talent of the novelist. Jess seems to have developed throughout her journey of this novel, from an impulsive, naive woman, to a fully grown-up lady. I recommend this book to every science fiction lover. It is indeed a fascinating reading with its fast-paced engaging plot. The story encompasses diverse themes like environmental issues, complex web design of relationships, power struggle and taut suspense.


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