The Unfakeabke Code by Tony Jeton Selimi, Book Review

The Unfakeabke Code by Tony Jeton Selimi, Book Review

The Unfakeabke Code by Tony Jeton Selimi, Book Review

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”- Oscar Wilde

I’m an obsessed reader of motivational books and due to such inclination, I picked up this book for reading and honestly, I don’t regret my choice. It is worth every second that I invest in reading this book. As per my belief, the book will be welcomed by every kindred spirit who wishes to grow by investing in himself or herself to create a better version of the already existing one.

Meet the Author:

If success has a synonym, then

The Unfakeabke Code by Tony Jeton Selimi, Book Review
The Unfakeabke Code by Tony Jeton Selimi, Book Review

mi connotes that. We all know Tony J Selimi, a recognised TEDx speaker, a self-made millionaire, leader, public figure, and entrepreneur. The Unfakeabke Code by Tony J. Selimi tells the story of that success that can keep one in the limelight of possibility, corroding the layers of separation you have created around your original self in the name of identities, mostly fake ones.

 What is the Meaning of the Word Unfakeable?

Let me ponder on the word “Unfakeable” first, as it is the keyword of this book. Unfakeable stands for un+fakeable i.e., something that cannot be faked.

“Unmasking yourself is a vital task in the unfakeable code development process since disassociation and one-sidedness in your mind’s program can have significant consequences for you.”

How many of us live in complete consciousness of being authentic with ourselves? Have you ever sat down in solitude and accepted the truth that most of the time you faced this world, you did it with your fabricated soul, hiding the real one?

 “Today many of us buy into the myth that wearing a mask is better than being authentic…”[page 27]

We are afraid to confront our own selves. And we face this world constantly with the fake versions of ourselves. Is not the process harmful to us? Is not the process diminishing our ingenuity? 

 Why should you read this book?

If you want to dig out the original ‘you’… stripping the mask out of you, if you wish to add love and kindness in your daily cup of coffee, if you hope to sharpen your survival strategy by programming your brain for a more comprehensive version of yourself, if you desire to steer your emotions for a stronger version of yourself, this book is for you. If you deserve to integrate introspective behavioural patterns without looking for outside stimuli, if you are trapped with multiple fake identities and desperate to swim back to shore to your own home, then certainly Tony Jeton Selimi’s The Unfakeabke Code is for you.

If you wish to build an authentic relationship with yourself without wasting your energy on relationships based on need, you must go for this book.

 The five principles that the author has discussed in his book are the pillars of our self-searching and discovering our bona fide identities. Selimi discusses in detail each of them in his book for better comprehension.

 Alvina’s Verdict:

Tony Jeton Selimi’s The Unfakeabke Code deserves all the plaudits of readers. I like to rate the book 5 out of 5 stars. The book is an inseparable manual, a confidant whom you can trust always as your guardian spirit, your wise counsellor. I found nothing to dislike about this book. The editing is polished and professional.

The five intuitive guidelines that the author provides us are pathbreaking rules of upgradation…upgradation to a healthy mind and body, throwing away toxic behavioural patterns, thus shaping the reality of our lives, and remaining faithful to our authentic selves.

 “Remember, the only authentic individual you are destined to become is the one you decide and choose to be.”



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