"Out of Embers and Shadows" by Shelby Oval

“Out of Embers and Shadows” by Shelby Oval

“Out of Embers and Shadows” by Shelby Oval

” Can dragons even read maps? So they need them? She let her head fall back against the rock, her mind drifting to dark corners and the stuff of nightmares. Before she knew it, she had drifted off into another fitful sleep yet again.”

Is anyone here who has not watched the movie “How to Train Your Dragon”? A fiery dragon flying high in the sky scooping its riders is a perfect world of fantasy.

Meet Shelby Oval, a passionate author who finds inspiration in the great world of fantasy literature through her dragon character Eric and the superwoman Lora.

By day, Shelby is a dedicated teacher, shaping young minds, and instilling in them a love of learning. But by night, she transforms into a warrior of words, weaving tales of dragons, war, and adventure.

The idea for Shelby’s debut novel, “Out of Embers and Shadows,” was born during a gruelling 20-mile hike through the mountains of Slovenia, where she found solace in the idea of soaring above the clouds on the back of a dragon. From that moment on, Shelby was hooked, crafting a rich and immersive world that would become the foundation for her Shadowfire series. Yes, you can say Lora is the alter ego of Shelby or more than that.

"Out of Embers and Shadows" by Shelby Oval
“Out of Embers and Shadows” by Shelby Oval

So, if you are a fan of fantasy and thriller then join Shelby Oval in her adventure beyond your known world.

“Out of Embers and Shadows” by Shelby Oval is a gripping fantasy novel set in a world where dragons and war reign supreme. The plot follows Lora, a fierce and resilient protagonist who finds herself entangled in a dangerous journey after being captured by the Drakes. Drakes are powerful and they are fireproof. Lora, the bastard daughter of King Cyrus is no less than a superwoman with superhuman power. She could fight till her last breath against her enemies.

From daring escape attempts to unexpected alliances, the story is filled with action, intrigue, and moments of intense emotion. Centred around a group of kingdoms on the Northern continent of Balaur, the story unfurls its imaginative fly in variegated dimensions.

The theme of survival and resilience shines through as Lora navigates through treacherous landscapes and faces formidable adversaries. Despite the odds stacked against her, she refuses to give up, driven by a fierce determination to uncover the truth about her past and protect those she cares about.

The characters in the novel are well-developed and multi-dimensional, each with their own motivations and struggles. Lora’s journey of self-discovery and growth is particularly compelling, as she grapples with her identity, confronts her inner demons, and learns to harness her own power and finds her love.

Alvina’s Verdict:

I cherish the romance between Lora and Kalon. But what secret is lurking here? Who is Emir, the fire dragon, or the other self of Kalon? Love, war, magic power, and secrets create a perfect patchwork for a spectacular fantasy.

Lora is a fabulous mindscape where her sense of responsibility, love for her friend and dauntless bravado to stand against every adversity mould the sinews of this novel.

Oval’s writing is vivid and immersive, bringing the world of Shadowfire to life with rich descriptions and engaging prose. The maps and routes add a layer of probity to this story. Shelby’s writing style is brisk, keeping readers’ interest on the edge from beginning to end.


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