Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence by Fred Sievert, Book Review, Book Review
Book Review

Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence by Fred Sievert, Book Review, Book Review

Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence by Fred Sievert

Starting as a teacher, Fred Sievert’s professional life is diversified and elaborate, with so many challenges and successes. In the book “Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence”, Fred shared his honest experience with his readers.

Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence by Fred Sievert, Book Review, Book Review
Fast-Starting a Career of Consequence by Fred Sievert, Book Review, Book Review

is a direct answer to the question of the author’s daughter Dena, who, after her graduation with a degree in French, faced a tremendous challenge in the marketing department. Being visible in a large organization is the stepping stone to success. And to be successful you must incorporate certain strategies at your personal and professional levels. Being well-acclaimed in the professional field is not the last rung of the ladder. Work-life integration is imperative for individual growth. Keeping ourselves stress-free, happy, and healthy in our professional place is as important as enjoying our personal life with our full vivacity. Too much work pressure can lead to serious health hazards. Overwork is detrimental to our health and productive spirit.

I love how he kept communicating with his children and wife amidst his busy schedule and how he explained the importance of family bonding and spending quality time with family.

The author has reinforced his ideas with relevant Biblical quotes. God has a unique intention for His Christian children. The amalgamation of personal and professional growth is the mantra of the highest individual potentiality.

How can we align our faith and belief with our workplace choices? How can we achieve the utmost success?  He provided suggestions from his personal business encounter, ‘recruiting and managing hundreds of individuals’ (page 3) from diverse educational or social backgrounds. Each person has individual and unique spiritual gifts. And we use our discrete potential in our professional arena to achieve success. The author shares personal anecdotes and family stories to make the narrative more enjoyable.

It is certainly a spiritual path to a vocational guide. Reference to St. Augustine’s “Confessions” proves his scholastic approach to religion. After reading this book one will be equipped with those potentialities that will enable him or her to get quickly ‘noticed and recognized as a high potential employee.’ Page 4

Anyone who feels interested in keeping the equilibrium among the different participations of our life must always keep the book with them. His choice of words is perfect in creating a spectacular image. The narrative is didactic and thought-provoking. Though he has highlighted the basic rules and rituals of Christian life, his tone is not preachy or priggish. Messages are pithy and epigrammatic: “Don’t confuse confidence with arrogance.” Page 154.

Alvina’s Verdict: 

I found this book immensely immersive. There is nothing I dislike about this book. I rate this book 5 out of 5. Editing is highly professional. This book is an invaluable resource for every white-collar, seeking validation and acceptance in the workplace. I recommend this book to everyone, apart from Christian readers. Though I am not a Christian by religion, I am greatly motivated and profited by Fred Sievert’s unwavering commitment to his readers.




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