Gently Falls the Bokula, Sudha Murty
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Gently Falls the Bakula, Sudha Murty

Gently Falls the Bakula, Sudha Murty
Gently Falls the Bakula, Sudha Murty, Book Review

Book Name: Gently Falls the Bakula

Author:  Sudha Murty


Publication: Penguin India

Pages: 176

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Introduction :

Karnataka born Indian writer famous for her novels like House of Cards, Mahasweta, Dollar Bahu, children classic, Collection of short stories Sudha Murty is a prolific personality. It is astonishing that how being the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation she probes such deep in the human heart. Gently Falls the Bakula by Sudha Murty is a heartening reading for every reader.

In a Nutshell:

The story opens with an easy go on flow, telling a story of two genius girls and boys who come from two different families, antagonistic to each other fiercely. But consequently,  they fall in love. Their love deepens with the fragrance of tiny little ‘ Bakula flowers. Shrimati the symbol of purity, love, sacrifice and calmness get absorbed with the self-effacing flower ‘Bakula’ that she always wears in her hair and Shrikant associates her with it in every aspect. He asks her to write a letter to him when he moves to Bombay for his higher studies. Shrimati encloses a tiny Bakul in every letter. Eventually, they got married, in spite of every adversity from their house.
Shrimati the brightest student sacrifices her career, her thirst for knowledge, her yearning for the History of India, for Lord Asoka, Goutam Buddha Vikramaditya as at a point of her life she feels ‘Sir, I do love history but l love Shrikant as well’, perhaps more. She sacrifices her sensibility, her aspiration, her sensitivity to help Shrikant in climbing the ladder of the corporate world, higher to the highest rung. But everything has a limit and Shrimati crosses the limit of sacrifice on her part.

In the course of her life, she feels lonely, detached,  with no child, no lover and perhaps no husband who cares a fig for her. She does not aspire for materialism, she asks for love, for simplicity, profound knowledge and spirituality.

But she is taken for granted. Her calm docile self is used by everyone, her husband, her in-laws. They never love her only taunt her, make her suffer.
The most evolving and absorbing part is Shrimati’s realization and gradual development. Her sufferings, agony, humiliation one day dissolve all her dilemma, her oscillation. Her tremendous willpower leads her to her destination – her journey in search of truth ‘The only option left was to become a student once again. After 10 years of marriage, she realizes what she wants and she embarks on her mission renouncing every comfort of Shrikant’s palace.

Technical sides :

The storytelling style, easy flow of language touch readers heart easily. The ending is really heart touching where Shrikant loses his Shrimati-
‘Shrimati who had walked with him side by side in the same Shravan rain for ten years had now left him all alone. There is no braggadocio of Language, no bubble of hobnob society. The symbolic ‘Bakul flower’ keeps spreading its mild fragrance all over the novel. It must be said that sophisticated simplicity is the logo of this novel.

Alvina’s Verdict:

I thank and express my regard to the writer for such a precious gift that brings unfathomable pleasure to read. It soothes the heart with the pure refreshment of thought and lyrical provocation. I wish whoever will pick the copy must be enlightened with real pleasure and contemplation. Sudha Murty’s Gently Falls the Bakula reminds me of another Eminent writer, Perumal Murugan, whose novel Poonachi wins my heart.




Mandira Samanta
22 April 2021 at 7:06 pm

Its an amazing journey with Sudha Murty

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