Broken Boys by Dak Kopec
Book Review

Broken Boys by Dak Kopec, Book Review

Broken Boys by Dak Kopec, Book Review

Broken Boys by Dak Kopec
Broken Boys by Dak Kopec


Ivy Vandermark and Blake Roberts meet after a long time, when Ivy reaches Blake’s house, unexpected, but welcomed. What is her intention? Why is she here? What is Ivy’s proposal to Blake that he feels so disturbed? It is easier to donate a kidney or a piece of liver than to allow someone to dig up the past that one had wanted to forget for years. What would Blake do now?

Ivy is asking for something at the request of Jillian Vandermark, their daughter, who was estranged from him in her childhood. Jillian, Blake’s daughter, and an aspiring journalist wants to document his life. It may give Blake back his voice, which was strangulated and mortified by manipulative taboos. But to unfurl the truth, to speak up the real story, is impossible for Blake. Will it be wise to scratch an old wound? After much hesitation, he agrees, and Jillian comes to stay with him.

Blake, Logan, and Ivy, the trio, trod a long way to come closer and then got deranged. So many things happened, and so many incidents shaped their destiny. Some got buried, and some became the voice of sensation and denigration.

It is a wonderful journey on my part, traversing through the life of Blake Roberts, a 50-year-old man. The plot glides through conversations between Blake and Jillion, uplifting one after another the shrouds of intrigues. Multiple themes are explored, and the myriad hues of emotions are excavated in this fictional work of Dak Kopec.

Alvina’s Verdict:

The cover page is stunning. I rate the book 5 out of 5. My interest was piqued from the very beginning, and it was an immersive reading till the end. Blake and Logan’s love has attained a surreal intensity and depth, through Blake’s reminiscence. I love the cosy ambience that connects the dots in a mellowed familial affiliation. There is nothing I dislike about the book.

There are certain references to porn film stars, sexual intimacy, orgasm, and other related terms. But they go well with the plot. Light is thrown on gay love and social attitudes in this respect.

The ending is satisfying. Finally, Dorian Diebold, the culprit, who endangered and manipulated Blake and Logan’s lives, was captured and imprisoned. All the astray and detached characters meet and share their love, respect, and care for each other. All is well that ends wll.


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